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Craft Beer Pickup Window


Wat houdt deze actie in?

Yes we’re still OPEN… with our new craft beer pickup window!!! #nocoronajustcraft These voluntary measures minimize contact and ensure we’re here for you throughout this difficult time. It might seem a bit strange at first but it’s better than sipping Heineken through a mask! How does it work? Follow these 6 easy steps and enjoy our craft beer!

1.   Choose your craft beers from the menu, or ask what’s on draft!
2.   Place your order and pay through the window!
3.   Walk to the entrance of the shop.
4.   Take one step back behind the line!
5.   Your order is placed on the table, wait for the door to close.
6.   Enjoy your craft beers!

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See you soon on:
Monday           Closed
Tuesday           12:00–18:00
Wednesday   12:00–18:00
Thursday   12:00–21:00
Friday           12:00–21:00
Saturday   12:00–21:00
Sunday           12:00–17:00

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